Digitize your granting journeys

Offer a 100% digital and instant credit experience

Thanks to enhanced and automatic scoring, respond instantly to requesters while reducing the risk of fraud

La digitalisation au service de la comptabilité
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    Behavioral analysis

    With Bridge Insights, access structured KPIs of the prospect’s consumption patterns, in order to analyze them automatically and in debt.

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    Decrease in fraud

    Our solution allows you to verify the identity of the borrower and have access to non-falsifiable bank details.

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    Score improvement

    Thanks to our technology and the precision of our categorization, improve your Gini coefficient (up to 75%).

Increase your conversion rates for granting journeys

Lenders get reliable financial information without the risk of fraud since the data comes directly from banks. Bank data is obtained in an actionable format. it connects and integrates easily with the back office and risk analysis tools.

Establishing a more accurate and instant credit scoring while confirming the traditional data of credit applications becomes possible


A 100% digitized journey

With less information field to fill out when applying for credit, it is a simple user experience that allows you to connect your bank accounts in a few clicks and allows you to send an instant response to the credit request

  • « Bridge allows us to securely access our clients’ financial information to respond to their credit request in less than 10 minutes. This technology freed us from paper-based bank statements. »

Products adapted to your needs


    Analyze the consumption habits and behaviors of your credit applicants, thanks to categorized and enriched data reports and detections. Offer relevant offers and efficient services. Refine and speed up credit granting.

  • Benefit from a connection to all types of bank accounts of your applicants by offering them an optimized and efficient synchronization path for your conversions, thanks to a DSP2 certified funnel.

    Learn more about Bridge Aggregation >

  • Access enriched, categorized and cleaned banking data, thanks to advanced label extraction algorithms, to improve your financial analysis of loan applicants.

    Découvrir Bridge Data Enrichment >

  • Easily verify credit applicant information, while providing seamless, seamless onboarding (KYC, KYB) journeys.

    Learn more about Bridge Account Check >

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