Open Banking solution

Bridge Aggregation

Take your finance departement to an higher gear. Enjoy a connexion to all types of customer bank accounts by offering a synchronisation path optimized and efficient for your conversion, thanks to DSP2 certified path.

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    Optimized and consistent synchronisation flows

    Propose a simple synchronisation path, compliant and and consistent from one bank to another

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    All types of accounts

    With more than 200 banking institutions, retrieve all banking information from all types of accounts: current account, deferred debit, savings, securities, life insurance, credit, etc.

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    PSD2 certified

    Thanks to our payment institution licence (granted by France ACPR), retrieve the same information regardless of the bank, geography or technical standard.

A recognized solution

Our solution is widely recognised in Europe for the quality of its banking connectors. Connected to over 200 banking institutions, our technology synchronises 8 million bank accounts daily, including payment accounts, savings accounts and credits. Easily access major banking institutions and multiple account types to make the banking connection an innovation accelerator.


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Powerful categorization algorithms

The relevance of our categorisation algorithms is recognised by our partners and customers.

It allows you to benefit from automatic categorisation of all your customer’s financial data by type of expenditure and income.

This enriched data refines your analysis and frees up time for decision-making.

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  • « Our goal in the digital age was to have access to entire automations, to be able to retrieve these flows automatically and securely. It seemed obvious to us that Bridge would enable these automations. »

An optimized synchronization path

  • Step 1 : The customer selects the bank he wants to synchronise

    Your customers identify themselves directly on their bank without having to share their information. All without leaving your application.

  • Step 2 : The customer signs in with his bank to initiate the synchronisation

    Authentication is done securely via Bridge Connect, with the same level of security as the largest banks

  • Step 3 : Bank data are synchronised, enriched and integrated to your application

    Instant analysis of bank data enhanced by Bridge algorithms enables your application to process clean, clear bank data, making it easily actionable for your business


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