Open Banking impact on the credit industry

Get a reliable and automated access to financial data to create new business opportunities

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We make financial data smart and accessible to help you drive innovation in your projects
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Automate Accounting

Use our API to provide an automated and real-time accounting view to your clients.Get a single and simple access to all banks to fetch reliable data in a secured fashion.

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Optimize Credit Scoring

Revamp the credit application process providing a full digital and immediate experience.Control the risk of fraud and improve your scoring while decreasing the human workload.

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Simplify Money Management

Offer a complete and consolidated view on your customer's assets.Get a stable and secured access to reliable and categorized financial data.

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Categorize Financial Data

Understand your customers better by studying their consumption habits.Get access to powerful categorization algorithms and automatically sort all the financial data of your customers per expense and income type.

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Develop Loyalty Programs

Automate the loyalty program process leveraging the Account Link Offer technology.Simplify your eligibility process and automate the rewarding of your customers.

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Deploy Payments Services

Allow payment initiation directly from your application to make your clients' life easier.Unlock payment between any set of financial institutions through a single integration.

They trust us and they are transforming financal services in their own industry

More than 8 million bank accounts synchronized daily in EuropeDiscover their story
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All the power of Open Banking in a simple and turnkey solution

  Our solution is optimized to ease its integration while giving an immediate access to all institutions to which we are connected. A unique door to all financial data.
  Regardless of the type of account you need, and the connection method used by the bank, we manage for you the entire authentication and data fetching process.
  PSD2 is the European regulation that rules over our activity. It defines the security rules and the technical standards related to the treatment of the banking data. Bridge continuously integrates all the regulation evolutions to provide you with a simple and up to date solution to use.
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The only independent leading fintech approved by 4 million users

Launched in 2011, our solution is now widely recognized for the quality of its bank connectors and for the relevance of its categorization algorithms. Pioneers in innovation and with a major role in the development of European regulations, we are today the leading Open Banking solution in Europe. We are independant of any financial or insurance company and are proud to serve you with no conflict of interest.


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