Invoices and unpaid bills

Pay and get paid in one click

The Open Banking transfer allows a digital, simple, fluid and secure experience for the payment of invoices, for both businesses and consumers.

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    Simplified and optimized invoice payment process

    Offer a digital, simple, fluid and secure payment experience for the payment of debts

  • Icône

    Cash flow optimization

    Benefit from an irrevocable and secure means of payment with a limited risk of fraud

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    Automatic management of reconciliations

    Benefit from automated internal reconciliation of movements for the creditor

A simple and secure payment process

  • Step 1 : The customer receives an invoice or unpaid payment link by email

    You can automate the payment notification

  • Step 2 : The customer selects his bank to make the payment

    Your customers identify themselves directly to their bank without having to share their information

  • Step 3 : The customer authenticates himself with his bank to pay his bill

    The transaction is irrevocable and secure with a limited risk of fraud

  • Step 4 : The customer verifies and confirms the payment

    No data is entered by the customer

  • Step 5 : The details of the invoice are automatically filled in

    For a simplified reconciliation in your back office or on the dashboard Bridge made available to you

  • « Paying invoices by transfer represents a significant time saving and allows the payment status of invoices to be monitored in real time by directly reconciling the invoices with the corresponding transactions. »

Improve the payment process for your customers

The Open Banking transfer allows your customers to simply pay a large number of invoices in a few clicks via a suitable and error-free process:

  • Simplification of the payment process

    Manual bank identification is dispensed with
  • Pre-filled information

    Payment information (IBAN, amount, references) is filled in automatically
  • Instantaneity

    The transfer order is sent directly to his bank
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Quickly reconcile your flows

Our payment by transfer solution allows the issuing company to get paid, collect payments easily and quickly reconcile flows:

  • High payment limits

    Payment ceilings are generally high and expiration date constraints disappear
  • Irrevocable and secure transaction

    The transaction is irrevocable (from receipt of the transfer order by the account manager) and secure with a limited risk of fraud
  • Competitive rate

    It has a competitive price (especially for business payments) and it is instantaneous
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