Digitize credit granting

Bridge Decisioning

Analyse your customers’ consumption habits and behaviours with categorised and enriched reports and data detections. This allows you to provide relevant offers and efficient services.

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    Behavioural analysis

    Access structured KPIs of prospect consumption patterns for automatic and detailed analysis

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    Reduce fraud

    Verify the identity of applicants and access non-falsifiable bank data

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    Score improvement

    Improve your Gini coefficient (up to 75%), thanks to our technology and the accuracy of our categorisation

Increase your conversion rates

Increase your conversion rates in the lending process! As a lender, obtain reliable financial information without the risk of forgery as the data comes directly from the banks.

In addition, the bank data is obtained in a format that allows it to be easily connected to the back office and risk analysis tools. This allows for more accurate and instantaneous credit scoring while confirming traditional credit application data.

  • « Bridge allows us to securely access our clients’ financial information to respond to their credit request in less than 10 minutes. This technology freed us from paper-based bank statements. »

100% digitalized process

Offer a 100% digitalized process! Reduce the number of steps in the credit application process by reducing the number of information fields that need to be filled in, thanks to the information provided by bank synchronisation. Provide a simple user experience that allows bank accounts to be connected in just a few clicks. Finally, offer an instant response to the credit application.

  • Step 1 : The customer selects the bank they wish to synchronise to consolidate their credit application

    Your customers identify themselves directly on their bank without having to share their information. All without leaving your application.

  • Step 2 : The customer authenticates with his bank to initiate the synchronisation

    Authentication is done securely via Bridge Connect, with the same level of security as the largest banks

  • Step 3 : Bank information is synchronised, enriched

    Instant analysis of bank data enhanced by Bridge algorithms enables your application to process clean, clear bank data, making it easily actionable for decision making

  • Step 4 : Bank information is integrated into your scoring engine

    Your scoring engine benefits from clean data that is quick and easy to analyse. The gini coefficient of your scoring tool is improved and decision making becomes easier

  • Step 5 : Make decisions instantly and easily

    Enriched data allows you to quickly detect referenced data, such as redhibitory transactions. This makes it easier to make decisions and grant credit


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