Increase retention by improving identification of your customers

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Competitiveness is yours! Easily verify bank account holder information while providing seamless onboarding paths (KYC, KYB).

  • Icône

    Unique approach

    Access bank data and simplify your identity reconciliation process to enhanced the conversion rate of your clients path and smooth client experience.

  • Icône

    Better performance in enrolment rates

    Make your registration process easier and faster, your conversion rates are directly and positively impacted.

  • Icône

    Streamlining of KYC, KYB and onboarding processes

    Pre-populate identity information in pathways and streamline the user experience with bank synchronisation

Simplify identity reconciliation procedures

Our mission is to put banking data to work for your business. With our bank data access technology, we can simplify your identity reconciliation process to improve conversion rates and enhance the customer experience.

  • Improved enrolment performance

    By making your registration process easier and faster for your customers, your conversion rates are directly and positively impacted.
  • Data reliability and loading speed

    Our technology instantly calls up reliable, pre-verified bank data. Verification times are therefore reduced to a minimum and become almost immediate.
  • « The digital transformation of financial management will necessarily go through two major pillars of Open Banking: aggregation and payment initiation. This virtuous digitization will give birth to even more efficient and competitive financial services that meet the expectations of companies. »

A seamless and frictionless journey

  • Step 1 : The customer chooses their method of identification or recognition

    You can offer bank synchronisation with traditional identification methods

  • Step 2 : The customer selects his bank to perform the identification

    Your customers identify themselves directly on their bank without having to share their information

  • Step 3 : The customer authenticates with his bank to initiate the synchronisation

    Authentication is done on a totally secure interface

  • Step 4 : Banking information is synchronised and analysed

    Instant analysis of bank data enhanced by Bridge algorithms to identify your customers


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