Boost investment

Offer your customers an easy and taylor made Crypto investment onboarding process. Investment made easy with Pay By bank.

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    Boost your conversion

    Shorten your onboarding and payment experience. Offer your customers the ability to pay in 2 clics through a face / touch ID process.

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    Reduce fraud

    Leverage a secure and irreversible payment. Reduce cost of fraud and generate 0.5% to 1% extra revenue.

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    Reduce costs

    Our solution based on Open banking allows an up to 80% cost reduction compared to a credit card one.

KYC process

Investors often drop off too long or not fully integrated onboarding process.

Ease your KYC steps and offer a flowless process through Open Banking.


Convert your euros in Crypto

Investors trust platforms that connect directly to their bank accounts.

Profit from a secure and instantaneous unique door to all of your customers’ bank accounts.


Secure Payments

Slow top up experiences can frustrate your investors that ail at using instant payment method with high reliability.

Leverage a plug and play payment method to increase your conversion rates while saving money.

  • « The solution is easy to implement and the Bridge team has been alongside our tech team at all times answering our questions and advising us to get the best results. We are glad we chose them. »

  • « Our interactions with the Bridge team were quick and efficient. Their team is expert and available for us. We literally co-built a very interesting payment method for Wiseed. »

Implement a payment solution in less than 5 minutes to allow your customers to invest in 2 clicks

Substituting or in addition to the credit card, Bridge Pay will ease your onboarding process.

Our solution gives you a continuous view on your customers investment status and bring you serenity leveraging irreversible payment.


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