Break the limits on investment

Finally, offer investors seamless and unconstrained paths, encouraging investment and project development.

  • Icône

    Simplify onboarding

    Make life easier for your investors. Keep them away from exhaustive and restrictive identity recognition procedures thanks to the synchronization of enriched bank data

  • Icône

    Boost investment

    Unconstrained, secure, smooth and fast, make Open Banking bank wire transfers a major asset for your conversions and your investments. Irrevocable once initiated, the Open Banking wire transfer is the ideal payment method for your investment platforms

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    Increase conversions

    Make your investment journeys even more efficient by sending investors payment links to finalize their donations. Drastically reduce the funnel churn rates

Promote investment with ease

On the one hand, offer investors a seamless investment path, adapted to their needs and their projects. Enrich your investment resources and strengthen the experience thanks to simplified customer recognition. Thanks to the irrevocability of the Bridge Pay wire transfer initiation, be informed in real time of the status of investments.

  • « Our exchanges with Bridge were very constructive and fast. It is an available team made up of very competent interlocutors. We have co-built a very interesting payment solution for WiSEED. »

Products adapted to your needs

  • Integrate a plug-and-play secure payment solution, to increase investments at reduced costs. Benefit from easier reconciliation to better track investments, and lower fraud rates.

    Learn more about Bridge Pay > 

  • Benefit from a connection to all types of bank accounts of your investors by offering them an optimized and efficient synchronization path for your conversions, thanks to a DSP2 certified funnel.

    Learn more about Bridge Aggregation >

  • Access enriched, categorized and cleaned banking data, thanks to advanced label extraction algorithms, to improve your financial analysis and thus consolidate your investment services and products.

    Learn more about Bridge Data Enrichment >

  • Easily verify investor information, while delivering seamless, seamless onboarding (KYC, KYB) journeys.

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