Payment of wages and salary benefits

Pay salaries in a single transfer and in a few clicks

The Open Banking group transfer simplifies and saves companies precious time with the payment of wages by batch.

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    Automate the process

    Automate the process and reduce manual entry errors

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    Bulk transfer

    Saving time and productivity

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    Reconciliation made easy

    Reconciliation of incoming bank data into internal business tools

A simplified payment process

  • Step 1 : The company selects the salaries to be paid from the HR software

    Payment is made in batches, it is no longer necessary to make individual transfers

  • Step 2 : The company then accesses an interface

    • The transfer information is pre-filled: IBAN, amounts, names ‍
    • No data is to be entered for the company
    • The company checks all planned transfers on a single page
  • Step 3 : The company approves the information

    The company validates the information to transmit multiple transfer orders to the bank making the transfers


Simplify and streamline the user journey

Thanks to a simplified and fluid user experience, you are exempt from all tasks of exporting and importing files from your bank for the payment of salaries. Our solutions take care of pre-filling the data and initiating all payments at once.

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Simplify your software

By integrating our Open Banking transfer solution into your business or HR management platform, you offer your customers a simplified and seamless digital experience.

Open Banking : qu'est-ce qu'un agrégateur de comptes bancaires ?

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