Bank transfer

Bridge Pay

The payment revolution is here. Integrate a plug-and-play secure payment solution, to increase your conversion rates at reduced costs. Benefit from easier reconciliation and lower fraud rates.

  • Icône

    Secure payments via strong authentication

    and irrevocable once initiated

  • Icône

    Plug-and-play solution

    perfectly integrated into your service

  • Icône

    Optimized customer journeys

    for better conversions

A whole lot of features for your payment journeys

  • Single bank transfer

    Initiate simple payments to all account types and to all IBANs
  • Multiple bank transfers

    Initiate multiple payments in just a few clicks such as invoices and salaries
  • Pay by Link

    Manually or via API, create your payment links to collect your payments
  • « Innovation is at the heart of our concerns in order to always better serve our 10 million customers. The Open Banking bank transfer solution offered by Bridge is very innovative and allows us to add another payment method for our clients, while always offering them a simple and secure experience. »

  • « Bridge showed real availability and responsiveness during the testing phases. The answers to our questions were quick and the bugs resolved quickly. »

A simplified payment process

  • Step 1 : The customer receives a payment link or directly chooses the Open Banking bank transfer as a payment method

    You can automate the payment notification

  • Step 2 : The customer selects his bank to intiate the payment

    Your customers identify themselves directly to their bank without having to share their credentials and information

  • Step 3 : The customer authenticates himself on his banking app or website

    The initiated transaction is irrevocable and secure with a limited risk of fraud

  • Step 4 : Purchase details are automatically filled in, there are not manual entries

    ‍Internal reconciliation of payments is automated thanks to the Bridge Dashboard or via integration with your internal systems


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