Accept payments in seconds

Bridge Pay by Link

Offer an extremely simple and fast payment experience, thanks to a turnkey solution integrated into the purchase journey. No complex integrations whatsoever

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    Improved conversion rate

    Pay by Link have from very high limits, with no expiration date constraints

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    Easy reconciliation

    The beneficiary’s IBAN, the amount and the transfer references are pre-filled, which eliminates entry errors and facilitates reconciliation

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    Limite fraud and no chargebacks

    Once the transfer is initiated, it is irrevocable and secure with a 2 step authentication limiting risk of frauds

A new way to collect payments

Pay by Link is a smooth, irrevocable, instant and secure payment solution. With Pay by Link, you no longer need to resort to complex integrations and payment confirmation is done in seconds.

This new solution allows companies using Bridge to generate a payment link, directing their customers to a secure Open Banking bank transfer payment process.

  • « Our conversations with the Bridge team was simple and fluid. Members of the Bridge team are attentive and have understood the needs that we have expressed perfectly. Bridge is a trusted player and expert in banking API connectivity. »

Offer your customers a simplified payment process

  • Step 1: Generate payment links

    Businesses can generate and send pre-filled payment links. You can use Pay by Link to sell a product or service, start a subscription, or collect any payment. Payment flows can also be personalised with your logo.

  • Step 2: Share your links

    Customers receive payment links for the product they want to buy or any other payment they have to make

  • Step 3: Authentication

    Customer authenticate through their banks and validate the payments. The route is secure and prevents fraud.

  • Step 4: Confirmation

    Once the payment is initiated Bridge sends a confirmation to the link sender


Test Pay by Link today by making a donation to our charity partners

Bridge revolutionises the payment sector with Pay by Link and support charities close to our hearts: energy transition and healthcare


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