Credit granting and scoring

Offer a 100% digital credit experience

Offer an instant response to your customers thanks to improved and automatic scoring while controlling the risk of fraud.

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    Behavioral analysis

    With Insights, access structured KPIs of the prospect’s consumption patterns, in order to analyze them automatically and in detail.

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    Decrease in fraud

    Our solution allows you to verify the identity of the borrower and have access to non-falsifiable bank details.

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    Score improvement

    Thanks to our technology and the precision of our categorization, improve your Gini coefficient (up to 75%).

Take advantage of a 100% digital journey

  • Simplification of administrative procedures

    Less information field to fill in when applying for credit
  • An innovative user experience

    A simple user experience that allows you to connect your bank accounts in a few clicks
  • Reduced processing time

    An instant response to the credit request
  • « Bridge allows us to securely access our clients’ financial information to respond to their credit request in less than 10 minutes. This technology freed us from paper-based bank statements. »

Increase your conversion rates in grant journeys

  • Reliable information

    Lenders get reliable financial information without risk of counterfeiting since the data comes directly from banks
  • Simplified connection

    Bank data is obtained in a format allowing them to be easily connected with the back office and risk analysis tools
  • Accurate credit scoring

    This makes it possible to establish a more precise and instant credit scoring while confirming the traditional data of credit applications
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