Automate accounting

Offer your clients competitive management services

Allow your customers to focus on high value-added tasks. Give your customers a real-time view of their business finances. Automate accounting entry, bank reconciliation and reporting using our API.

La digitalisation au service de la comptabilité
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    Take advantage of accounting automation

    Thanks to the automation of accounting entry and access to real-time bank data, free up more time for high value-added tasks and decision-making

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    Facilitated inter-company payments

    Invoices, salaries, thanks to Bridge technologies, allow your software users to initiate multiple payments in just a few clicks directly in the corporate finance management application

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    Easy payment collection

    Thanks to the payment links creation directly in the management software, collecting payments from creditors becomes extremely simple

Manage finances with ease

Reduce payment delays or errors with better invoice payment tracking:

  • Simplified and real-time view of finances
  • Secure access to reliable banking data
  • Automation of all bank reconciliation and reporting operations.

The payment solution to integrate into your software

Redirected or integrated unit transfer, multiple transfer, or even Pay by Link. Pay and get paid with Bridge Pay. Offer simplified and optimized payment paths. Offer your customers optimal cash management and automatic reconciliation management

  • « Our users who have synchronized their accounts with Bridge derive real added value and undeniable time savings resulting in fewer manual errors. »

Des produits adaptés à vos besoins

  • Integrate a plug-and-play secure payment solution, to increase your conversion rates at reduced costs. Benefit from easier reconciliation and lower fraud rates.

    Learn more about Bridge Pay > 

  • Benefit from a connection to all types of bank accounts of your customers / members by offering them an optimized and efficient synchronization path for your conversions, thanks to a DSP2 certified funnel.

    Learn more about Bridge Agrégation >

  • Access enriched, categorized and cleaned banking data, thanks to advanced label extraction algorithms, to improve your financial analysis and thus consolidate your services and products.

    Learn more about Bridge Data Enrichment >

  • Easily verify the details of a bank account holder while providing smooth and seamless onboarding (KYC, KYB) journeys.

    Learn more about Bridge Account Check >

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