Simplify money management

Easy financial management for a more productive business

Increase efficiency by offering a global and consolidated view of all the assets of your customers, individuals and professionals. Benefit from secure access to enriched bank data thanks to our categorization algorithms.

gestion financière de l'entreprise

Our approach

Bank data is valuable but sometimes difficult to interpret. Customers often need help understanding their finances as a whole from the transactions themselves.

We provide all the background information you need to build and deliver a dashboard to your customers, analyze their spendings, and help them understand and then improve their financial situation.

Ease of data collection

Access standardized and detailed banking data in minutes.

Financial Consolidation

Gather financial data from all types of accounts (current, savings, credit, etc.) to provide your clients with a comprehensive view and understanding of their financial situation


Create efficient management tools

  • Provide your customers with ever more comprehensive and easy-to-use management tools
  • Offer connection to an exhaustive panel of banking establishments and types of accounts (payment, savings, credit)
  • Offer a quick and easy banking connection
The solutions

Use Open Banking data

  • Aggregated and centralized view of all your customers' accounts
  • Automatic and accurate categorization of your customers' transactions
  • Access to payment, savings and credit accounts
  • Efficient, secure and regulatory-compliant solution

“The technology engines of Bridge powered by Bankin’ are the same as those of the Bankin’ app - leading PFM in Europe with 4.4 million people who have been trusting it. Bridge powered by Bankin’s solutions are continuously improved thanks to Bankin’ users: categorization algorithms are enriched every day by the transaction re-categorizations from Bankin’ users. With these solutions, we help Bankin’ users make better decisions for their money.”

Joan Burkovic
CEO and Founder of Bankin'

4.4 million

is the number of people who trusted Bankin '

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Our latest news

Press release

Fime & Bridge partner to accelerate API open banking compliance

Fime and Bridge powered by Bankin’, one of Europe’s leading open banking solutions, have partnered to help banks fast-track the functional and security testing of their APIs.

Bridge x Carbo: a responsible partnership!

Bridge is happy to announce its brand new partnership with Carbo to help users in their sustainable transition.

The EBA consultation on the AML : ETTPA’s and AFEPAME’s response

The EBA published a consultation on a project of guidelines to implement measures.
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