Optimize credit scoring

Make credit scoring more efficient

Simplify the credit application process: shorten assessment time and improve the customer experience while improving credit risk.

Our approach

The wire transfer payment offered by Bridge powered by Bankin' has major benefits for both merchants and buyers:

Behavioral analysis

With Insights, access structured KPIs (key performance indicators) of the prospect's consumption patterns to get an automatic and in-depth analysis.

Improve credit risk

Our solution allows you to verify the credit applicant’s identity and have access to non-falsifiable banking and personal data.

Score improvement

Thanks to our technology and the accuracy of our categorization, improve your Gini coefficient (up to 75%).


Facilitate the credit granting process

  • Provide borrowers with a smooth and secure user experience
  • Simplify, digitize and automate the granting of loans
  • Improve scoring tools and models
  • Reduce the risk of fraud and facilitate KYC steps
The solution

Provide a new and reliable experience

Access bank details related to identification

  • Improved credit scoring: increase in the Gini coefficient to 75%
  • Digitization of the credit application process
  • Fraud reduction

Bridge powered by Bankin’ allows us to access our clients’ bank data in a secure manner to answer their credit applications in under 10 minutes. This technology frees us from dealing with paper bank statements."

Ali Rami
CEO of Mansa

- 10 minutes

is the response time for a credit request

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