Credit scoring

Optimize credit scoring to make it profitable

Make your credit scoring more competitive, improve your credit risk while reducing the manual workload and offer a new digital and instantaneous experience to your customers.

Crédit scoring


Our technology provides credit applicants with a simple way to communicate their data to credit institutions in order to streamline the evaluation process and obtain an immediate and final credit decision.

Smooth user experience

Automate complex administrative procedures, deliver a quick response to credit application, and improve customer satisfaction.

Enhanced risk assessment

Our solution allows you to verify the identity of the borrower and have access to non-falsifiable data, which significantly reduces the risk of fraud.

Improved Gini coefficient

Access to Open Banking data - enriched by accurate categorization - significantly increases the Gini coefficient (up to 75%).


Detection of consumption habits

Our algorithms provide access to structured KPIs (key performance indicators) of the credit applicant's consumption patterns to get an automatic and in-depth analysis.Thanks to our automatic and precise data categorization technology, interpreting heterogenous / very diverse banking data becomes easier. Thus, you can improve your scoring calculation with relevant data.


Analysis of payment incidents

The “payment incidents” category detects risky transactions. It lists, among other things, intervention fees, payment rejection banking prohibitions, offenses, etc.. Therefore it facilitates your analysis and accelerates the disqualification of irrelevant applicants.

Bridge powered by Bankin’ allows us to access our clients’ bank data in a secure manner to answer their credit applications in under 10 minutes. This technology frees us from dealing with paper bank statements."
Ali Rami
CEO of Mansa
“Open Banking is revolutionizing the credit industry by changing how banks see credit applicants’ profiles. At Algoan, we are convinced that it will become the standard in France and Europe for all types of loans in a few years. It is a win-win situation for both borrowers and lenders as it increases the credit acceptance rate while significantly reducing the default risk.”
Michel Diguet
CEO & Co-fondateur of Algoan

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