Open Banking: Keetiz relies on Bridge expertise

An upgraded customer experience thanks to Open Banking

Bridge created by Bankin’ is proud to support Keetiz. Keetiz’s mission ? Generate in-store traffic thanks to cashback (digital and vouchers), click & collect systems and reservation.

The integration of Bridge created by Bankin’ allows Keetiz to benefit from the power of Open Banking. This is an opportunity to improve Keetiz’s client knowledge, and thus consumer experience, in a process to attract and retain consumers.

The solutions developed by Bridge created by Bankin’ for Keetiz are structured around two main processes:

  • Categorize data with the user’s consent : Bridge created by Bankin’ provides Keetiz with a facilitated and access to data, to reduce the amount of mistakes, risk and fraud.
  • Enrich data to analyze and classify all of the clients transactions and get a report on their global financial situation. It is a way for Keetiz to develop it users knowledge, and thus personalization, to provide them with good plans and advantages tailored to their needs.

Keetiz’s founder, Jean-Christophe Russier, emphasizes the relevance of this partnership : ”Leveraging the solutions of a leader in Open Banking is precious for Keetiz and its value proposition : enabling local shops of all sizes to access for the first time a CRM worthy of a big company”.

About Keetiz :

Keetiz increases its users’ purchasing power in two ways :

  • By rewarding the consumption effort through an automatic cashback in euros, directly on the user’s bank account. To benefit from this, simply download the mobile application Keetiz.
  • By making available for consumers subsidized Keetiz vouchers, to be purchased on the website.

The advantage can reach up to a 30% reward (in cashback or in subsidized vouchers), in the listed shops.

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