Bridge x Carbo: a responsible partnership!

Bridge is happy to announce its brand new partnership with Carbo to help users in their sustainable transition. Carbo’s mission is to give everyone the power to act against climate change, by raising awareness on the carbon impact of their expenses, and offering solutions to reduce and compensate it.

Bridge and Carbo share the same values and one wish : to assist the most people on a daily-basis through the best designs and technologies. Bridge provides Carbo with its expertise, to allow a growing eco-responsible community to track the impact of their daily choices. Through this process, users will ultimately be able to make the best decisions for the environment.

These French start-ups are eager to raise awareness and encourage their community to take action, to expand the fight against global warming and promote a greener economy.

The Carbo algorithm uses Bridge’s technologies to sync and categorize each expense, and evaluate the associated CO2 emissions. This enables every user to track their impact and get personalized recommendations to reduce and balance their effect on climate change.

About Carbo :
Created in december 2019, Carbo gives everyone the power to fight against climate change.

Free and available on all devices, the Carbo app analyzes your lifestyle to help you reduce and neutralize your impact on the environment.

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