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Accelerate the compliance of your Open banking APIs

Do you want to perform functional tests and security assessments for your PSD2 APIs? Do you want to develop a verification tool? Use our expert technology.

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Are you a bank?

Take advantage of the unique solution developed by Fime using Bridge powered by Bankin' 's technology to accelerate the compliance of your PSD2 APIs

Do you want to develop your own solution?

Take advantage of Bridge powered by Bankin' 's unique technology to develop your own PSD2 API testing service

Test the compliance of your PSD2 APIs

The advantages of APITesting by Fime

Banks increasingly need to accelerate the development of their PSD2 APIs. To achieve exemption from the fall back mechanism under the regulation on strong customer authentication and common and secure communication (RTS on SCA& CSC), PSD2 APIs must be thoroughly tested. Use APItesting by Fime to facilitate testing and be supported in the exemption process. The automated testing platform is available for AIS, PIS, CBPII APIs and helps you validate your compliance with:

  • Regulatory technical standards
  • Berlin Group standards
  • STET standards
Take advantage of Bridge technology powered by Bankin '

Develop your own PSD2 API testing offer

Using Bridge powered by Bankin’s technology - independent from any financial institutions - provide your customers with a complete solution to test and verify the compliance of their PSD2 APIs. Banks have a crucial need for a reliable testing solution successfully transition to Open Banking.

“Regulatory pressures are mounting for banks. This platform empowers banks to ensure the performance and security of their APIs, as well as alignment with some of the largest open-access API standards in Europe. This is a significant step towards greater stability and compliance in the open banking ecosystem.”
Raphaël Guilley
VP Testing Solutions at FIME
“APIs need to be thoroughly tested before they can be exempted ready (article 33.6 b of the RTS - Regulatory Technical Standards related to the implementation of the PSD2). There was no solution on the market today to answer some these needs which was slowing the adoption of open banking and causing frustration amongst some stakeholders.”
Alexis Roque
Head of Operations at Bridge powered by Bankin’

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