Simplify Money Management

For your clients:
Offer a complete and consolidated view on your customer's assets.

For your company:
Get a stable and secured access to reliable and categorized financial data.
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Our take on it

Data are precious but sometimes uneasy to interpret. The clients need to understand their financial situation as a whole based on the transactions themselves.

We offer all the contextual information you need to build and provide a dashboard to your customers, analyze their spendings and support them in understanding their financial situation to improve it.

Our features
How can Bridge helps you simplify money management?
Ease the Data Collection

Get access to standardized and detailed financial data within a couple of minutes.

Analyze Behaviour

Categorisation algorithms unleash your understanding of the consumption habits of your customers.

Financial Forecast

Be aware of the transactions to come and anticipate financial situation while giving management advices to your customers.

Consolidate all Accounts

Gather data from all kind of accounts (checking, savings, credit…) in order to provide a global view and understanding of one financial situation.

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