Optimize Credit Scoring

For your clients:
Revamp the credit application process providing a full digital and immediate experience.

For your company:
Decrease the risk of fraud and improve your scoring while decreasing the human workload.
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Our take on it

Rating the risk level of a person is complex and the algorithms require reliable data. Fetching them is often difficult, for both borrowers and lenders.

We offer a simple way for borrowers to give access to more complete and detailed data to the lenders. It allows you to smooth and speed up the evaluation process and make a quick and reliable loan decision.

Our features
How can Bridge helps you optimize your credit scoring?
Decrease Fraud Risk

The solution allows you to verify the borrower’s identity and to have access to non falsifiable data.

Analyze Behaviour

Categorisation algorithms unleash your understanding of the consumption habits of the borrowers and add a new dimension to your scoring system.

Ease the Data Collection

Get access to standardized and detailed financial data within a couple of minutes.

Improve Credit Score

Get a continuous account synchronization in order to advice the borrowers on ways to improve their scores.

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