Data enrichment

Increase efficiency with enriched and categorized banking data 

Turn financial data into key and relevant metrics. Our technology makes financial data easy to understand and action-ready to allow you to create innovative and profitable services.


Turn raw financial data into real tools for decision making. Benefiting from reliable and enriched banking data is key to helping you build the financial services of tomorrow.


Reliable and secure data

We respect the highest security standards on the market. All data is encrypted during transport and during storage. They are encrypted by the strongest encryption algorithms on the market.


Unique categorization algorithm

Bridge powered by Bankin's smart categorization algorithm is recognized across Europe for its accuracy and its performance. It has been consolidated and constantly improving since 2011 by the 4.4 million people who use the Bankin’ application.


Improved analysis and understanding

Smart and automatic bank data categorization allows you to refine the analysis of consumption habits and improve understanding of your customers while respecting their privacy. Our algorithms provide access to structured KPIs (key performance indicators) - called Insights - of the prospect's consumption patterns for an automatic and in-depth analysis.

“Over 85% of Freebe users use Bridge powered by Bankin’ bank synchronization. This service is a competitive asset thanks to which our users promote usus and consider us more innovative”.
Antoine Legendre
CEO & Product Designer of Freebe
“Thanks to the Bridge powered by Bankin’ our clients have all their proof documents at hand and they experience no last minute rush when their accountant asks for them. We now have almost 2,000 customers who vouch for it.”
Jean-Pierre Ocalan
Co-Fondateur & CTO of IPaidThat

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Bridge is happy to announce its brand new partnership with Carbo to help users in their sustainable transition.

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