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Bridge, a Bankin' technology
Our technologies allow you to aggregate and process financial data in your applications
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We process financial data and make it smart
Using our API, you will get access to a unique and standardized mapping of the European financial data, coming from more than 350 financial institutions.
Financial data aggregation
Bridge API is the most reliable and secured data aggregation solution in Europe it allows you to easily collect data from the widest range of account types (current account, deferred payment, savings, brokerage and investment accounts, mortgages, loans…).
Data enrichment and processing
Our API enables you to gather a standardized and enriched financial data.
Our self-learning algorithm leverages a 1 billion transactions database to automatically categorize every transaction.
Our SaaS API:
designed for developers, made for business
Ready to plug
- Crystal clear documentation
- Free Sandbox
Administration console
Manage your account and your applications via our administration console
Safe and secure
Our servers are certified with ISO 27001, PCI DSS level 1
A ready to plug API
1 curl -X POST \
2 -d client_id=test_id \
3 -d secret=test_secret \
4 -d username=test_username \
5 -d password=test_password
The integration of our API won’t take you more than a few hours. Copy/Paste this link to a terminal to make your first call to our services
Any questions? Our documentation should answer all your questions.
Tailor made for finance and accounting professionals
Accountancy firms and software editors
- Simplify financial management
- Input automation
- Decrease risk factor
- Gain time and productivity
Financial Institutions
- Get visibility on your customers’ financial situations
- Increase the knowledge about your customers
- Gain in time and productivity
- Gain time and productivity to focus on your core business
Highlight your algorithms of wealth management, portfolio management and risk analysis.
They trust us
Bridge in details
+350 Financial institutions
4 countries in Europe
Secured and reliable
Business and Indiv. accounts
Plug and Play
European Leader
Exclusive technical support
+1.9 million users
+2 million synced accounts/d
+300 million transactions/m